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Fish (mainly Surimi based) is used as a basis for these products.

We have two brands; our own Maju/MCM brand, and Golden Summit Brand by Li Chuan (a Singapore based company).

We are Sole importer of Li Chuan products. for more information on Li Chuan, chick here.


Li Chuan’s Fish Ball

Li Chuan’s Fish Cake Maju Fish Ball

Li Chuan’s Cuttle fish ball

Li Chuan’s Mushroom Ball

Li Chuan’s Prawn Ball


Maju Fish & Cheese Shrimp 

Maju Ebiko Seafood sandwich 

Maju Cheese Cuttlefish Ball 

Maju Breaded Crab cuttlefish ball 



Maju Breaded Prawn cuttlefish ball  

Li Chuan Fish Toufu Vegetarian Roll 

Li Chuan Seafood sticks 


MCM Surimi crab sticks  

Maju Crab flavoured sticks 

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